When not touring internationally with his shows, PiP is a popular choice of entertainment at private functions world wide. Whether small intimate gatherings or large functions, PiP is able to tailor a show to perfectly suit your event.

Not only bringing people to the edge of their seat in amazement, PiP’s natural wit and comedic timing leaves audiences in stitches the whole show, which they will be talking about for years to come.


Close- Up Magic

As one of Australia’s Premier Close-Up Magicians, PiP brings you a very special way to entertain guests at any function or event with his sleight of hand expertise. With absolute miracles happening in spectator's hands combined with PiP’s clever humour, this is personal intimate entertainment your guests will never forget. Great for Cocktail Parties, mixers, when you want personal table to table entertainment or any time you want your guests entertained without interrupting the flow of the evening with a stage show.

It was great to have you there. You were a hit!
— The Argyle & Löwenbräu

Stage Shows

From sleight of hand miracles to incredible illusions all while laughing hysterically, PiP has developed his own unique style of performance which truly showcases his comedic talent and magical abilities. Shows are highly audience interactive which is where PiP shines with his improvisational skills as he puts his on-stage guests in some interesting and hilarious situations.

Combining great comedy with world class magic, PiP can be a 5 minute act to a full hour show or something in between.

We had a great time, everyone was really happy. Thanks for your performance!
— ThyssenKrupp Mannex Pty.Ltd.

Hypno Shows

Witness the only show were the audience becomes the stars of the show. PiP use his unique comedic humour to create an unforgettably hilarious stage show where the possibilities are endless. Every show will be its own unique performance where the on-stage guests bring their unique personalities into clever rib-tickling situations creating high impact entertainment.

PiP was thoroughly entertaining - he mixed well with all our customers, made everyone laugh and left us all open-mouthed with his tricks. He is also an excellent comedian, not just magician.
— Manroland Australasia
Well its been nearly three months since Sydney and our members are still going on about how great you were. As an event organiser I can hope for nothing more than what you delivered (and exceeded) in terms of expectations. Thank you for your generous attention and remarkable ‘services’ – and for a night that will long be remembered by all who attended your show.
— Australian Glass & Glazing Association
Now I’m not normally a magic sort of guy and the thought of being hypnotized and made to do unusual things simply terrifies me, you know its not for me. But seriously I asked PiP to do a few tricks at a company function, then I ran into him at the Russell Brand party at the Ivy and bugger me if I haven’t become his biggest fan. He’s just off-beat enough to be engaging, he’s talented enough to be convincing and he’s determined enough to become a star. PiP is a magician because he can turn “non-magician” types into true fans of the genre. He’s really good. Use him. If only I could figure out how he does it? Magic, I spose.
— Stuart Gregor, Liquid Ideas